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Patella Tendon Rupture and Repair with Augmentation and Suspensory Fixation

Very difficult knee injury is patella tendon rupture; because a very strong force is required to tear the patellar tendon and most often, it happens with a direct impact to the front of the knee from a fall. The patellar tendon usually tears when the knee is bent and the foot planted, when landing from a jump.

A popping sensation often is present during a patellar tendon tear.

After the injury patella moves up into the thigh, patients are unable to extend the injured knee and they have difficulties to walk. Knee effusion and pain are always present.

The only way to fix it is surgery and early repair may prevent from the complications and future knee problems.

Many different techniques exist to fix the torn patellar tendon back to the patella apex.

We present here very new and effective technique to augment the patella tendon fixation with the autologous semitendinosus autograft and fix very strongly with special suspensory system. It is only one stage operation and future hardware removing operations avoided due to these technical advancements.


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