IV international Conference, “GAME WITHOUT INJURIES”, famous Russian basketball player Tatiana Abrikosova, famous Russian sports physician, and genius sports orthopedics surgeon Natalija Čelnokova

Game without inuries

Unforgettable IV International Online Conference on SPORTS MEDICINE and rehabilitation – “GAME WITHOUT INJURIES” (great Project organized by Russia, Moscow – actually two brilliant WOMEN – famous Russian basketball player – Tatiana Abrikosova, and famous Russian sports physician, genius sports orthopedics surgeon – Natalija Čelnokova, with a great team)!

The IV international conference was a unique for professional sport society members – physical therapists, medical stuff of the clubs, national team doctors from different sports, athletic coaches, sport orthopaedic and traumatology surgeons, rehab specialists for sharing latest information and knowledge about the complex sport trauma!

The main goal of the conference is to bring different professionals from different sports and specializations all together to discuss the main problems and actual issues in sport medicine and rehabilitation in pro sport. The Conference united Russian and all World-leading specialists in Sport medicine and rehabilitation!

I had the great honor to talk during the first day (of the 3 days) in fourth International conference “Game without injuries” in Moscow, Russia 2021, and my topic was “Is it possible to recover faster after free of screws ACL reconstruction”.


Special thanks to Tatiana Abrikosova, Natalija Čelnokova, and a great team, giving me a possibility to present my Lithuanian experience! And collaborate with the Russian group, looking forward to continue of productive collaboration building up on the experiences we already have!

In addition, special thanks to my Netherlands collaborates – Thomas Patt and Edwin Snoek – for their ability to connect the people and –helping surgeons to treat their patients better!


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